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SR consult

Reduce your risks
Ensure you have the best possible HR practices


  • Provides quick checks to ensure your HR team is the best it can be in today’s changed world, operating as effective as possible under COVID-19
  • Reviews HR processes and procedures to ensure you are using the best  
  • Can help you bring recruiting in-house 
  • Helps you better identify those candidates who will  work best from home 
  • Boosts your HR effectiveness, while cutting costs
  • Assesses your talent for the future 
  • Identifies skill gaps that may be missing
  • Provides HR transformation services
  • Assists merger integration through:
    • Independent assessment and referencing of best candidates for roles after M&A
    • Using bed practice technology to help teams make best job match decisions at all levels, and 
    • Create new enhanced culture

SR Research

Add value to your HR
and your people

SR RESEARCH reduces risk and adds value through:

  • Culture and perception surveys and rankings

    – how does your organisation compare to competitors in   terms of what candidates and investors think and feel? 
    – What does the market like about you?
    – What does it dislike?
    – What motivates stakeholders to take action with you?!
    Our AI partner can objectively tell you

  • Investor sentiment overlays – solving the missing piece of investment strategies by identifying what investors are feeling and thinking



People are our industry’s most important asset

Ensure you have the best with

  • HR consult
  • HR Research
  • SUPER Recruiters


HR transformation Services

What we can
Do For You

We are expert in transformation, with our team including co-founders of a national transformation association

If you need to rebuild your HR team, your people processes, we can help you develop world-class practice

ABout us

SR Network – well experienced

Does your HR team need a sounding board, help to keep up with all that is happening in the market during COVID-19?  

Our knowledge, consulting and research-focused Chair, Cathy Doyle, has developed and led HR teams at some of the country’s leading organisations – including BNP Paribas, Commonwealth Bank, McDonalds, Perpetual, Qantas, Rabobank and more.  

She can undertake a quick check to see what you can finesse, improve or transform to be  more effective and cost efficient.

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It began several years ago

It began several years ago, when I almost died. What I experiened did not match what religion told me. Nor did modern medicine. Ironically science better explained what I experienced. This is the result - a fascinating puzzle and investigation, joining many dots...

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It all comes down to the simple fact that energy, and information, cannot be destroyed. Not even by a black hole. So where does your energy go when you die? Can it continue, somehow? Learn more in this breakthrough investigation...get the book now.  

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Wealth managers must ‘transform’ to avoid losing staff to 'the great resignation' Wealth management businesses must be willing to shake up their systems and processes to avoid losing staff, a senior consultant has said. Darran Irving of Super Recruiters and the SR...

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The Future Fund, BlackRock, National Australia Bank (NAB), Westpac and Vanguard are the financial services institutions with the most favourable public sentiment, according to research from Super Recruiters’ SR Network Investor Perception Ranking.

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Perception survey of financial services firms

The first major survey of the public perception towards financial services organisations in Australia has identified the Future Fund as having the most favourable sentiment. It was closely followed by global fund manager Blackrock, which was ranked second as at the...

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